平松 輝子
二紀 和太留
坂田 一男
■ Terko Hiramatsu exhibition


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■ Spiritual art 「World of 'sumi' 」
'Sumi' is traditional oriental black ink. By adding water, 'sumi' can have various concentrations.
'Washi' is the most traditional Japanese paper.
This is one of the unique features of 'sumi' which oil painting doesn't have. Therefore, artists can use techniques like feathering to express lines and shades of 'sumi'.
Teruko was known as an internationally acclaimed artist. She held private exhibitions at galleries in New York in 1966. Her 'sumi' paintings and new style of paintings using acrylic colors were highly praised.
She has also succeeded on paintings with 'sumi' in Germany.
This exhibition is planed by these works.
Teruko said.
「Being in Germany (from1972),what was I going to paint?
There I gave up everything but 'sumi'. Not only colors, I did away any of forms I had.
Living in Europe, the source of the modern of art. I became endlessly fascinated by Japanese letters, hiragana, especially their ancient form. I couldn't resist the desire to paint hiragana not as letters but as a Japanese form.
Then started the battle with 'sumi', I strove so hard to make the 'sumi' and water flow to the direction I intended, and in vain.
The 'sumi' water flew to any direction and blotted there.
Looking at it in despair, I found an unexpected excellent picture.
This made me aware of the attachment of my ego.
Just follow the water with my mind in naught.
The water was alive and let the 'sumi' absorb and spread in the paper.
What a wonder! innocent existence.」
Then, she moved back to Japan, because it seemed that it was not easy to use 'washi' under the dry climate in Germany. She made avant-garde works with 'sumi' and 'washi' in Japan after her 10 years experience in Germany. Her works built up a new world of 'sumi' and 'washi' with an innovation method, which no one could imitate her works.

-Born in Tokyo,1921
-Studied with Kazuo Sakata (assistant of Fernand Leger)
One-person Exhibitions
1954 Takemiya Gallery, Tokyo
1963 Sato Gallery, Tokyo
1964 Nihonbashi Gallery, Tokyo
1965-66 A.M.Sachs Gallery, New York
1967 Ichibankan Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Beni, Kyoto
1970 American Culture Center, Tokyo
1973 Foreign Institute, Krefeld
1974 Remscheid Municipal Theater, Remscheid
1975 Kaiser-Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld
Japan Culture Center, Koln
1976 Gallery Sorko, Nuremberg
Studio, Wuppertal
Gallery Krull, Krefld
1977 Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama
Hagener Kunstkabinett, Hagen
Konstanz Museum, Konstanz
Artists Assosiation, Marburg
1978 Heidelberger Museum, Heidelberg
1979 Dahlem National Museum, West Berlin
West German Government Garden Exhibition, Bonn
1980 Rheda-Wiedenbruck Ministry of Culture, West Berlin
Gallery Sorko, Nuremberg
Kempen Municipal Museum, Kempen
Munich Fork Museum, Munich
Solingen Municipal Theater, Solingen
Dortmund Foreign Munistry, Dortmund
1981 Gallery Pran, Korchenbroich
 State Adult school, Hochsaueriand
Trier Museum, Trier
Badsalzfulen Ministry of Culture,Badsalztulen
1983 Gallery Ueda-Warehouse, Tokyo
1984 West Germany Culture Center. Tokyo
Striped House Museum of Art. Tokyo
1985 Gallery Pran, Korchenbroich
1987 Landes Museum, Dusseldolf
U Forum opening exhibition, Tokyo
1989 Modern China Artcenter, Osaka
U Forum exhibition2, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
1940-41 Tokyo Municipal Museum, Tokyo
1947-62 Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo
1965-66 A.M.Sachs Gallery, New York
Gallery 66, Los Angels
Brandeis University Museum
Jersey City Museum, New Jersey
1967 International Young Artists Exhibition, Tokyo
1968 Contemporary japaness Art Exhibition,
Stanford art Museum, Greenwich Art Museum
1971 Piner Gallery, Tokyo
1974 International Contemporary Art Exhibition,
Dusseldorf Art Museum NRW State Exhibition
1976 Japan-france Modern Art Festival, Grand Palais,
1978 Gallery Vondran,traveling group exhibition,
Dusseldorf, Bonn, Munich
1981 Oedo Graphic Exhibition,Royal academy,London
1987-89Exhibition 'SUMI',ModernChina Artcenter, Osaka
1989 ExhibitionモWorld of 'SUMI' SEIBU Ohtsu,Ohtsu
1990-2007 U-forum Museum, Tokyo
Japan Society, New York
Kaiser-Wilhelm Museum, West Germany
Kunst Museum, Dusseldorf, etc

■ スピリチュアル・アート「墨の世界」

[経歴] 一部
1921 東京生まれ
1949−56 坂田一男(レジェの助手)に師事、A・G・O同人
1954・63・64 個展、タケミヤ画廊・サトウ画廊・日本橋画廊
1965・66 ニューヨーク個展 AMサックスギャラリー(ニューヨーク)
     ロスアンゼルス個展 ギャラリー66(ロスアンゼルス)
1967 国際青年美術家展、受賞(池袋西武)
1968 現代日本美術展(スタンフォード美術館・グリニッチ美術館)
1971 2人展《大自然と人間》ピナール画廊(東京)
1972−82 ドイツ クレフェルド  
1974 国際現代美術見本市(デュッセルドルフ)
1975 個展、カイザーウィルヘルム美術館(クレフェルド)
1977 個展、コンスタンツ美術館(コンスタンツ)
1978 個展、ハイデルベルグ美術館(ハイデルベルグ)
1979 個展、日本大使館後援、西ドイツ政府主催庭園ショー、(ボン)
1980 個展 日本総領事館後援 ミュンヘン民族博物館(ミュンヘン)
1983 個展、ウェアハウスギャラリー・ギャラリー上田(東京)
1987 個展、デュッセルドルフ州立美術館(デュッセルドルフ)
1987・88・89 墨展(現代中国芸術センター、大阪) 
1995 個展、ハイデルベルグ美術館(ハイデルベルグ)
1999 東京国立市に宇フォーラムKV21美術館創立